Black gums are a common cosmetic problem for many people but, until recently, there hadn’t been a worthwhile solution. Before Britegums, dentists used to tell their patients they had two options: ignore the blotchy dark spots on their gums or undergo a painful and temporary procedure. Thankfully, now there’s a fast, affordable, and frequently permanent cosmetic treatment for black gums: Britegums.

Britegums origins

Britegums is the product of Dr. Robert Stanley’s determination to find a solution to black gums. Dr. Stanley invented the Britegums process after one of his patients asked him about her black gums. Like a lot of people, the patient’s black gums were limiting her self-confidence.

After many hours researching and experimenting, Dr. Stanley found that by using radio waves and unique “brushes” he could take off the thin top layer of gum tissue, thus removing the unwanted pigmentation. The radio waves proved to be gentle on gums but tough of melanin. One Britegums treatment is usually enough to give patients pink gums for life.

Treatment for black gums

Compared to past solutions to dark gums, Britegums is amazingly easy. Patients sit in a normal dentist chair and are awake during the entire procedure. A local anesthetic is used to numb the gums to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Dr. Stanley then uses an FDA approved dental device to administer the Britegums radio wave treatment. Patented Britegums brushes help to gently remove the thinnest layer of pigmented gum tissue, revealing the pink gums hidden underneath.

Britegums Case Studies

Post-op care for Britegums is just as easy as the procedure itself. Patients typically experience very little discomfort and no bleeding. Many patients report needing only acetaminophen and ibuprofen to manage the discomfort. Results from the procedure can appear as early as a week post-op though two to three weeks is when full results ordinarily appear.

Why should you get Britegums?

Britegums, like all cosmetic dentistry services, can drastically transform a person’s self-confidence. People frequently assume cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have anything to do with their health but in saying that, they neglect to consider mental health. People need to feel confident in their own skin.

For some, black gums have been a source of embarrassment for years. There’s nothing wrong with disliking and wanting to change an aspect of your physical appearance — especially if that aspect is hurting your confidence. People get Britegums for the same reasons people dye their hair or get a new wardrobe. They want to feel good about their appearance and themselves.

If black gums are holding you back from being the best “you” that you can be, make an appointment at the Stanley Dentistry office in Cary, NC today.

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