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A lot of people with “gummy” smiles assume their unbalanced smile is permanent. Dentists can whiten, cover-up, or replace teeth but the shape of one’s gums seems a little more immutable.

Fortunately, here at Stanley Dentistry, our highly trained cosmetic dentists are always eager to master the techniques that their patients require.

This is why we offer both crown lengthening and gum contouring. These two procedures can quickly and easily give patients with “gummy” smiles the beautiful, full smiles they’ve always dreamed of.

Crown Lengthening & Gum Contouring Case Studies

Why do I have uneven gums?

Millions of people have uneven gums. Some people have gums that are too low, thus concealing part of their teeth, and some people have gums that are too high. High gums can be a sign of gum recession, which is where the gums begin to pull away from the tooth. Gum recession is frequently tied to periodontal disease which can lead to serious problems like tooth loss. If your teeth look “long,” (and they weren’t always like this) you might be suffering from periodontal disease. Make an appointment at the Stanley Dentistry office in Cary, NC to set up a consultation.

In contrast, low gums can make your teeth appear much smaller than they actually are. However, people with gummy smiles don’t actually have small teeth — their gums are just extending down too far. Low gums typically stem from genetics though certain drugs and health disorders can also cause a gummy smile.

How do gum contouring and crown lengthening work?

For those with low gums, crown lengthening is the preferred method of treatment. During the procedure, Dr. Robert Stanley doesn’t just cut away gum tissue, as many patients assume. In time, gum tissue grows back, making the procedure’s results temporary.

Instead, Dr. Stanley takes the extra step and reshapes the bone. It’s important to remember that in a gummy smile, it’s not necessarily the gums that are always at fault. It’s really the shape of the bone underneath that ultimately affects how the gums lie.

Gum contouring is a little more ambiguous. It can either refer to removing some of the gum tissue (which has varying levels of success) or adding needed gum tissue. For patients with “high” gums from gum recession, this procedure can make a big change.

How long will it take?

Crown lengthening and gum contouring are quick, comfortable procedures that take minutes. Our dentists use a local anesthetic to numb the area but other sedation options are available. Using painless techniques designed to enhance your smile immediately, your surgery will be as quick and comfortable as possible. Recovery is fast and typically involves very little post-operative pain or bleeding.

Am I a good fit for gum contouring & crown lengthening?

If you have a gummy smile from uneven gums or problems with gum recession, gum contouring, and crown lengthening may be for you. Call us today to discuss how we can help you have a balanced, even smile.

Post-care instructions:

If you’ve already had a crown lengthening procedure, click here for your post-op instructions.

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