No-Prep Veneers

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Veneers are a great way to get the smile of your dreams but not everyone wants a dental solution as permanent as traditional veneers. That’s why we offer something called “no-prep” veneers at Stanley Dentistry. No-prep veneers can still give you that breathtaking smile that most people think of when they hear the word veneers, but unlike with traditional veneers, our dentists don’t have to file down any enamel to make them fit.

No-prep veneers sit on top of your teeth and when you’re ready to take them off, we can easily remove them. Prepless veneers offer patients a way to get a straighter, whiter smile without long-term commitment.

How do no-prep veneers work?

No-prep veneers are different than traditional porcelain veneers in that they are bonded to the surface of your tooth and do not require tooth reduction. Porcelain veneers require the removal of some of the surface tooth enamel in order to make room in the mouth.

What is the process to get no-prep veneers?

The first step to no-prep veneers is to schedule a consultation with Stanley Dentistry to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for the procedure. If you are, our doctors will take a mold of your mouth and allow you to look at a shade dial. The shade dial gives you the ability to choose the exact color of your new veneers. Our doctors will send that information off to a lab, where a team of specialists will create your set of custom no-prep veneers.

When the prepless veneers are ready, we’ll call you in for your second appointment. After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Bobbi Stanley will use a veneer bonding cement and a special light to fix each veneer to its corresponding tooth. Once she’s done, Dr. Bobbi spends some time with the patient, making sure the veneers look and feel natural. If you need some minor adjustments, Dr. Bobbi can easily do those in the office.

How much do prepless veneers cost?

The cost of no-prep veneers can vary from patient to patient, depending on what you need. Some patients come into the office wanting only one or two no-prep veneers while others come in wanting six or more. For a more definitive answer, schedule a consultation by calling (919) 460-9665. We’ll go over all of your financial options and make sure you’re getting the treatment you want with the budget you have.

If you have more questions about our no-prep veneers cosmetic dentistry procedure, watch some of the videos below before scheduling a consultation.

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