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Dental implants at Stanley Dentistry offer a great alternative to dentures or partials for patients. Unlike older teeth replacement methods, dental implants are more permanent and natural in both feel and aesthetic. For those who are tired of dealing with crowns, bridges, and other temporary solutions, implants are undeniably the perfect choice.

Here at Stanley Dentistry, we have one of the most highly-trained and innovative implant experts in the world, Dr. Robert Stanley. In his career, Dr. Stanley has performed hundreds of successful dental implant procedures. For each procedure, he spends hours preparing, taking notes, and going over every step with the patient. His goal is to ensure that every implant surgery helps his patients find the life-long smiles they deserve.

Dental Implants Case Studies

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are man-made substitutions for the root structure of natural teeth. Unlike with a traditional bridge or denture (which sits on top of the gums), dentists place implants directly into the jawbone. They prefer to do this because, during the healing period, the implant fuses with the bone. This fusion creates an incredibly strong bond that frequently yields permanent results.

There are three basic parts of a dental implant: the actual implant, the abutment, and the dental prosthesis. The implant “fixture” acts as the artificial tooth root and is typically made of titanium or zirconia. It has a cylindrical design that looks a bit like a screw. After the dentist places the implant, he or she will put abutments on top of the implants. These small pieces keep the soft tissue from hiding the implant during the healing process. Abutments also offer a place for the third piece, the crown, to sit.

How long does the procedure take?

The implant process could take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. With our advanced technology, Dr. Robert Stanley can complete the procedure in as little as one to two visits. Unlike most other dental offices, we use CT imaging to create surgical guides that remove all of the guesswork from the procedure.

During the surgery, the specialized guide tells Dr. Robert Stanley exactly where to place each implant so as to give the patient the best results possible. The guide also speeds up the amount of time required for the actual surgery. Dr. Robert Stanley has completed implant-supported, full-mouth procedures (which equals around twelve implants) in less than four hours.


What is Omega Teeth®?

The Omega Teeth® dental implant experience is Dr. Rob’s unique spin on dental implants. Unlike other systems, Omega Teeth® takes into account every aspect of the dental implant process, from finances and pre-procedure planning to individualized patient care. There are six main aspects of Omega Teeth® that separate it from the rest:

No hidden fees

With Omega Teeth®, there are never any hidden fees. The price depends only on the number of dental implants that you get. If you get six dental implants, there’s a set price for that. Other offices frequently use a more “à la carte” system, where patients (and doctors) can pick and choose what services or products they want to pay for and which ones they don’t.

This sounds nice in theory but in practice, it can cause implant failures (when patients refuse to pay for important parts like abutments) and it can create a ton of hidden fees for the patient. If, for instance, during the surgery, your doctor realizes she needs to do a bone graft for the implant to be successful. She does the graft and tacks on another couple thousand dollars to your final bill. You’ve saved and budgeted for your implants but you weren’t expecting this additional cost so what do you do?

With Omega Teeth®, that won’t ever happen. Everything comes at one packaged price, no matter what we find or do during the surgery. We will not charge you additional fees for things like bone grafts. If the patient needs something, we’re going to do it because we want the implant to succeed and help the patient — not because we want to add more fees. Implants are already an investment — we don’t want to make them any more expensive or complicated


The best way to make the dental implant process as easy as possible is to put a high priority on planning. When formulating Omega Teeth®, Dr. Rob realized that, with extensive planning on his end, he could make the patient’s experience easier and quicker. First, he takes a full 3D scan of the patient’s mouth and jaw. The scan allows him to map out the perfect placement for the dental implants via a surgical guide. A surgical guide is a small piece of plastic that the doctor places in the patient’s mouth during the surgery. The holes in the surgical guide tell the doctor exactly where the implant needs to go.

Not many offices use surgical guides for their dental implant procedures which can make for risky operations. The purpose of a dental implant surgical guide is to make the procedure as successful as possible. It takes all of the guesswork out of the surgery, allowing the doctor to do the “hard stuff” (deciding where and at what angle to place the implant) outside of the operating room.


No patient wants to remember any surgery they have done — even if it’s painless. With the Omega Teeth® dental implant process, you won’t have any memories of the actual procedure since we use IV sedation for all the surgeries. Many offices use a local anesthetic for implant surgeries which allows the patient to be awake the entire time. Not only do we find that method a little scarring, but it also makes the surgery longer and more stressful for the patient since local anesthetic wears off fairly quickly. During one surgery, the doctor will have to administer local fairly frequently whenever the patient begins to feel pain again. With IV sedation, no one has to worry about patient pain or discomfort.

Superior materials

Implants have to made of the best possible materials if they’re to last a lifetime. In the short term, placement and maintenance cause implants to fail. In the long-term, poor materials are the culprit. The Omega Teeth® process uses zirconia implants because they’re, at the moment, the top-shelf implant. A lot of companies are trying to find alternatives to zirconia that are just as good so, in a few years, Omega Teeth® may be using different implants. However, you can rest easy knowing no matter what developments occur in the dental implant world, we’ll always be using top-notch materials that will ensure long-lasting implants.

Never without a smile

Oftentimes, when you get a dental implant (or numerous dental implants), the doctor will place the actual implants but they won’t place any sort of restoration. “Restoration” refers to the crowns (the part that looks like teeth) and the “implant” is technically the piece that goes into the jaw. Patients wake up, expecting to see a mouth full of beautiful pearly whites, and instead, they see a ton of unsightly spikes. We believe that, if someone is making such a big investment in their dental health, they deserve to leave our office post-surgery with the smile of their dreams. Dr. Rob does a temporary restoration on the day of the surgery so patients can have teeth for the first six months, post-surgery. After six months, they get to come in and get their permanent implants. Temporary implants are plenty durable but they don’t always look exactly like the patient wants. We make permanent implants exactly to the patient’s specifications.


No one wants to spend their entire afternoon or morning in a dentist’s office. Even if you’re getting a full mouth of dental implants, Dr. Rob only needs a few hours of your day to complete the surgery. Because Omega Teeth® is a fully-guided dental implant system, Dr. Rob is able to skip any guesswork and finish the surgery safely and swiftly. When creating Omega Teeth®, Dr. Rob wanted to sedate the patients with IV sedation but he didn’t want to have to sedate them for very long. The surgical guide allows him to do just that. You’ll be in and out of our office quicker than you thought possible!


Dental Implant FAQ

Dental implant procedures sound invasive and painful but most patients report only feeling manageable pain post-op. The mouth is excellent at healing itself and does so rather quickly.
During the procedure, we use IV sedation to make sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed.
After surgery, dental implant patients walk out of the Stanley Dentistry office in Cary, NC with new teeth. As part of the procedure, Dr. Robert Stanley fits patients with a temporary dental prosthesis that they wear during the six-month healing process. After that time is up, they come in and get their permanent crowns, which are specially made to accommodate their needs and wants.
While some patients do request prescription painkillers post-op, many patients report needing only acetaminophen and ibuprofen to manage the pain. Dental implant patients typically get back to their everyday routines within a few days after their surgery.
A lot of patients come into our office wanting a dental bridge but very few actually leave our office with one. That’s because we always recommend that our patients get dental implants instead of bridges because they’re longer-lasting and come with a lot less maintenance. Dental implants are more expensive than bridges but, in the long run, you will actually save money by investing in a dental implant. Bridges need replacing — most implants don’t.
With proper care, Dr. Rob’s fully-guided dental implant system is extremely successful. This system, known as Omega Teeth®, removes all the guesswork which means each implant goes exactly where it needs to go. The most common reason why implants fail is that the doctor blindly places them at a bad angle or in the wrong position. With Omega Teeth®, that never happens.
Caring for your dental implant is easy. We provide convenient post-op instructions and can answer any questions you have over the phone. After your implant site has healed, the dentists and dental professionals at Stanley Dentistry are uniquely qualified to provide continuing care for your dental implant. Using technology specifically designed to maintain the integrity and health of implants, your dental hygiene team will care for you in the office and educate you on optimal oral hygiene for your new smile.
Once a dental implant fuses with the bone, it’s stability and longevity is unmatched by any other dental procedure. The crowns on dental implants can become worn after a decade of wear, but the implant itself rarely (if ever) needs maintenance. Most of the patients who get their implants done at Stanley Dentistry have them for life.
It’s important to remember that an important factor in the longevity of implants is care. Here at Stanley, smoking and poor dental hygiene are two of the biggest causes of implant failure.
Dental implants are incredibly realistic, whether you get one or a whole arch of them. Post-procedure, no one will be able to notice a difference between your implant and your natural teeth. After a while, you might forget too!
Dental implants are just as strong as natural enamel. Plus, because they aren’t susceptible to decay, you won’t ever have to worry about cavities.
As with a lot of things in dentistry, dental implants don’t come with a firm price tag. Dentists will frequently price implants after taking into account these factors:
  • Difficulty of the procedure
  • Number of implants
  • Health of the patient
Dentists who offer low flat rates on their dental implants are most likely giving sub-par care. Unfortunately, cutting corners in the dental implant world is easy. Many dentists don’t use dental implant surgical guides (which means they perform the surgery effectively blind) because it can save a little cash. Others will leave out important steps to make the procedure faster and thus cheaper.
At Stanley Dentistry, we believe in performing the best dental implant procedures no matter what. We also believe that all patients should be able to get that specialized care which is why we offer financing options. With an investment as big as dental implants, make sure you’re getting the top-notch treatment that you deserve.
Every individual is different and we want to offer the personalized attention your smile deserves. We offer a consultation first to discuss options for missing or broken teeth. Our dentists can advise you about whether you are a candidate for single or multiple dental implants or a full arch/mouth replacement. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.