All-On-4 and TeethXpress Dental Implants

Omega Teeth All-On-4 and TeethXpress Dental Implants



All-On-4 and TeethXpress are dental implant methods that offer patients a more permanent and hassle-free alternative to traditional dentures. Both All-On-4 and TeethXpress are very similar procedures in that they promise speed and efficiency for their patients. It’s important to remember that these methods are less about the materials (a lot of implant methods use the same materials) and more about how a doctor performs the procedure using particular techniques.

A few years ago, All-On-4 and TeethXpress were the only top-notch full-mouth dental implant options available. While these are still good options, there’s something much better now: Omega Teeth®. This revolutionary dental implant solution uses cutting-edge techniques and a fully-guided system that ensures not only speed but also safety and longevity.

How Omega Teeth® does implants differently

Methods like All-On-4 and TeethXpress advertise their speed but they can’t compare to Omega Teeth® in any category. The Omega Teeth® process is quicker (only a few hours), safer, and always yields better and more permanent results.

Patients who use All-On-4 and TeethXpress methods occasionally face complications with their implants later on. The biggest problem is the lack of stability. With All-On-4, the entire set of new teeth are held to the gums using only four implants. This means if one implant fails, the whole full-mouth procedure fails. Think of it as a table with four legs. If you remove one of the legs on a table, the table collapses.

At Stanley Dentistry, we don’t give patients a procedure that could end in even more stress for them. With Omega Teeth®, Dr. Rob considers every possible factor when deciding how many dental implants a patient needs. If for some reason, one of the implants does fail in an Omega Teeth® case (which is extremely rare), Dr. Rob can quickly fix the one implant without having to redo everything.

What does “fully-guided” mean?

At Stanley Dentistry, we have a commitment to service and quality. We are one of the only dentists in the Triangle that perform fully-guided dental implant surgeries, meaning we plan every aspect of your surgery beforehand, ensuring the optimal implant placement and bettering your success.

“Fully-guided” means we use 3D scans to create a custom guide for your implants. During the surgery, Dr. Rob places the guide inside the mouth, where the implants will go. Dr. Rob then uses the guide to ensure that the implants go exactly where they need to go. In implant surgeries, the most common reason for post-op problems is poor placement. With fully-guided implants, we eliminate the possibility of placement-related issues.

“Teeth in a Day” Dental Implant Options

While some other dentists may use your existing denture for the procedure, at Stanley Dentistry we create a custom prosthetic specially fitted to your implants. The custom prosthetic is longer-lasting and will improve the fit and feel of your new smile.

We don’t suggest using your existing denture because most dentures are made from acrylic — a more porous substance. Because acrylic is more porous, it absorbs smells from the foods you eat more easily and usually needs to be replaced in five to seven years. We use zirconium for our implants which is a ceramic material that does not absorb food or bacteria. Even in the face of poor hygiene, a zirconium implant will go on looking and feeling great for years to come.

Omega Teeth All-On-4 and TeethXpress Dental Implants Case Studies