Mommy & Me Dental Visits


Mommy & Me Dental Visits

At Stanley Dentistry, we offer busy families the opportunity to save some time by getting both you and your child’s dental exam done during the same appointment. Our “Mommy (or Daddy) & Me” dental visits cut out the stress of having to set up a different appointment for your young child.

During your visit, one of our highly-trained hygienists will clean your teeth while your child sits on your lap or near the chair. We have an array of toys and friendly staff to keep them occupied! After your cleaning, our team will thoroughly examine and clean your child’s teeth.

How old should my child be?

We welcome kids of all ages to come with their parents for joint appointments! Under eight, your child will be with Dr. Minka for their cleaning. Over eight, they will be with one of our hygienists.

Typically, we recommend that kids come into the office for their first appointment when they’re one year old (or when their first tooth erupts). This ensures that the child becomes comfortable going to the dentist and it gives the doctor the opportunity to diagnose any oral development abnormalities (enamel/dentin defects, tongue-tied, etc).