IV Sedation



At Stanley Dentistry, we sympathize with the fear and anxiety often associated with visiting the dentist. That’s why we have implemented a new method of sedation dentistry in Cary that allows you to feel completely relaxed during your visit. Many patients that suffer from dental anxiety say that IV sedation has changed their entire outlook on going to the dentist.

How does IV sedation work?

IV sedation allows patients to enter a sleep-like state throughout their dental procedure. Patients can still breathe on their own with IV Sedation and there is no breathing tube. The medicine is administered via an “indwelling catheter,” which is a very thin, plastic tube inserted into a vein close to the surface of the skin, usually in the arm or back of the hand.

How long will IV sedation take?

Once the medicine is administered, the calming effects of IV sedation will start within a few moments. The amount of time it will take for the effects to wear off will depend on the length of the procedure. Because IV sedation can cause drowsiness, we recommend bringing a friend or family member who will be able to drive you home after your appointment.

Am I a good fit for IV sedation?

IV sedation can be the perfect solution for older children or adults who experience anxiety at the dental office. To ensure patient safety, we do require anyone who is interested in IV sedation to get a physical before the procedure. We are happy to discuss IV sedation with you in more detail!  Just give us a call!

What is IV sedation like at Stanley Dentistry?