Oral Sedation



If you have a fear of needles and visiting the dentist, we may recommend that you take an oral sedative before your appointment. Oral sedation is a mild sedative that allows the patient to be conscious but in a semi-dreamlike state.

Like most other dental offices, we typically use Diazepam as an oral sedative. We ask that patients take the prescribed pill one hour before their appointment.

Is oral sedation right for you?

With oral sedation, you can still breathe normally but you won’t be as lucid and you won’t remember the sights, smells, and sounds of the procedure after the sedative wears off. This makes it perfect for patients who feel intense dental anxiety.

If you are undergoing a serious procedure, we most likely will prescribe IV sedation or inhalation dentistry since those do a better job of alleviating pain. While oral sedation does lessen pain, it’s real purpose lies in reducing anxiety.

Is oral sedation safe?

Diazepam is an older drug that doctors have been using for years to help anxious patients. Unless you are allergic to the drug, there are no harmful side-effects. Doctors like using diazepam in particular because it’s fast-acting and leaves the system quickly and easily.

Ask for oral sedation today

If you struggle with going to the dentist because of anxiety, please give us a call and ask about oral sedation.