Adults and Metal Braces

added on: May 27, 2020


Adults getting metal braces

“Hi, Dr. Bobbi here at Stanley Dentistry. We have many adults in our practice who would like to straighten their teeth and, for one reason or another, clear aligners are not an option for them.

Are you an adult who would like to straighten your teeth, but you’re concerned about wearing metal braces? Don’t be. There are many adults today who are straightening their teeth with metal braces. It’s accepted in our society, and it’s really fast and really convenient. The results that you will get after straightening your teeth with metal braces will be well worth the short time that you are wearing the braces. Today, with the technology that we have, we’re able to make the metal braces fairly invisible and definitely non-invasive. So, please come see us at Stanley Dentistry and let’s talk about your straightening options.”

What different kinds of braces do you offer at Stanley Dentistry?

For adults, we always push for Invisalign since they’re invisible and removable. However, there are a variety of cases where clear aligners just won’t work for a patient. When that happens, we look into traditional metal braces. When adult patients hear the word “braces,” they begin to panic a little because they have in mind the braces that were common twenty years ago. Those are not the braces we offer at Stanley Dentistry. We use self-ligating braces (which are very small and very fast) and ceramic braces (which are a little bulkier but sometimes required for particular cases). Here’s a full list of the different types and characteristics of braces. Patients are typically in and out of these braces within a year or two (or less).

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