Are Amazon Veneers Legit?

added on: October 18, 2021

People are always trying to find new, more cost-effective ways to enhance their smiles. Sometimes, these creative methods actually work. Baking soda, for example, can kill harmful bacteria in your mouth, protecting your teeth from decay. But there are a lot of home remedies and off-brand dental solutions that don’t work and can quickly drain your bank account. At our office, we’ve heard a lot of our patients mentioning the Amazon equivalent of a Snap-on-Smile. It sounds almost too good to be true. Like a Snap-on-Smile, these “fake veneers” snap on over your natural teeth to make your smile more symmetrical (or to cover up missing/chipped teeth). Their description promises a custom-fit with natural, aesthetic results but is that really what they deliver?

From what we’ve seen (and what Amazon reviewers are writing), the answer is a clear no. Beyond using your basic whitening Crest whitening strips, you should not be performing any kind of dental service at home. This includes clear aligners and “custom-fit” veneers. In most cases, using these kinds of products won’t end in physical harm, but they may prove to be a big waste of money. Here are a few of the reasons why we don’t recommend Amazon’s “fake veneers” for people who are looking to enhance their smiles.
amazon veneers

They aren’t custom (even if they say they are)

If a dentist doesn’t do a scan of your mouth or do impressions of your teeth, there is no possible way your prosthetic will be custom. Things like veneers and Snap-on-Smiles don’t work like clothing where you can usually fit into one of three sizes. Teeth vary so much in shape and size that they require true custom-fits. Even your gender and race can cause your smile to differ from someone else’s. Compare your smile to a friend’s smile and you can easily see just how unique your teeth are. If you buy these fake veneers from Amazon, there is a very slim chance that they will look natural and feel comfortable. They weren’t made for you so they won’t look like your smile.

They don’t look natural

That brings us to our next point. If you want a smile that looks natural, anything that you can buy off the internet isn’t going to work. It won’t be custom and, chances are, it won’t be made of high-quality, realistic materials. There’s a reason why we use porcelain for our veneers and zirconia for our implants. We want our patients to leave our office with beautiful smiles that look natural. Pasty white plastic is never going to give you that.

They aren’t long-lasting

The saying “you get what you pay for” usually rings true in the dentistry world. Dental crowns that are made of poor, cheap materials never last very long. Even if you don’t mind the poor fit and clunky aesthetics of your internet-bought flipper, you’ll still have to deal with the fact that it probably won’t last beyond a few wears. If you want to wear them often (and you’re eating while wearing them), they may not last a week.

One-star rating

If you want a more aesthetic smile, do yourself a favor and talk to a cosmetic dentist before scrolling through Amazon. A dentist can take scans of your mouth and create a digital mockup to ensure that your dental cosmetic solution looks and feels good.