Can You Finance Invisalign?

added on: May 11, 2020
Removing Invisalign trays

Everyone wants a beautiful, straight smile but not everyone thinks they can afford it. See, orthodontics have a bad (and untrue) financial reputation. People see them as purely a luxury item. They think orthodontic services are incredibly expensive (and not always covered by dental insurance). This is why tons of people opt to ignore misaligned or crooked teeth.

While misalignment may seem like a purely cosmetic problem, it can actually wreak havoc on your dental health, especially as you get older. Even minor misalignment can make brushing and flossing difficult (or just less effective), which leads to more fillings, root canals, and extractions. As you get older, minor misalignment will always become more severe. A case that would take only a few months in Invisalign can take over a year if the patient chooses to wait a decade before looking for treatment.

Getting orthodontics is something everyone should consider — no matter their budget. The health benefits of a straighter smile are worth the cost of orthodontics. Why are we able to say that so confidently? It’s simple: anyone can finance braces or Invisalign.

Making Invisalign Affordable

When you first come in for an Invisalign consultation (one of our most common consultations), we’ll take a quick scan of your mouth. Just that simple scan will let us know the exact cost of the treatment. Invisalign is great because it comes in package pricing so you know just how much you have to pay at the beginning. This price includes any adjustments needed at the end of treatment so there are zero hidden fees.

That initial number may sound like a lot but, once our financial coordinator breaks it down into monthly payments, you’ll realize just how manageable it is. We offer Invisalign financing based on how many months your treatment takes. If your treatment takes twelve months to complete, you’ll have to make twelve payments. If your treatment takes six months, you’ll make six payments. Once we break down the numbers, you’ll be surprised how low your monthly payments can be.

If you’re still struggling with costs, we can set up a time for you to talk to our financial specialist. She can guide you through some of our other financing options.

Now’s the time

With how easy it is to take dental scans nowadays, Invisalign is faster and more affordable than ever. If you’ve been considering clear aligners, now’s the time to go ahead and schedule a consultation. That initial consult is completely complimentary but it’ll give you a good overview of what your smile can look post-treatment and how much it’ll cost. We’ll see you soon!

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