Why Choose Stanley Dentistry?

added on: June 25, 2019

Dr. Bobbi Stanley went into dentistry for one single reason: because she loved it. From a young age, she knew that dentistry was the only thing she could do for the rest of her life that would make her truly happy. Stanley Dentistry is the result of her and Dr. Rob Stanley‘s unparalleled passion for the dental field and, more importantly, their patients. Why does Dr. Bobbi Stanley love dentistry so much? Because she loves seeing patients leave the office with beautiful, pain-free smiles. For us, dentistry isn’t so much about teeth as it is about making people feel healthy, happy, and confident.

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What makes Stanley Dentistry different?

For the Stanley Dentistry team, we have a motto that we all live by: never compromise. When it comes to our patients, every Stanley Dentistry team member is focused on finding the best possible treatment plan for each unique individual. What works for one patient may not work for another which is why we give individualized attention. We believe that every trip to Stanley Dentistry should be stress-free, comfortable, and beneficial to the patient.

Our team is honest with their patients about every step of their treatment, including finances. If a patient cannot afford a certain service, we are always willing to find alternative solutions or set up a financing plan. Our slogan, Find Your Smile, is a constant goal at Stanley Dentistry. No matter what your circumstances, we want you to have the amazing smile you deserve.

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Our values

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly a fun experience. Lots of people dread going because they think it entails pain, anxiety, that gross “clinical” smell, and a lot of money. For a lot of dental offices, those fears are warranted. Luckily for our patients, we aren’t most dental offices.

Dr. Bobbi Stanley and Dr. Rob Stanley set out to make Stanley Dentistry a place where patients could feel comfortable, relaxed and well taken care of. We offer bluetooth headphones, warm blankets, and sessions in our in-office massage chair to make our patients feel like they’re at a five-star spa instead of a dental office. For patients with high anxiety, we have an array of sedation options to make each visit quick and painless.

Our team builds relationships with everyone who walks through the door not because they have to but because they want to. The Stanley Dentistry team believes that no one should have to ever “endure” a dental visit. Everyone deserves to come into a dental office that has a friendly, anxiety-free environment. We take the time to get to know you and what you value. After your first appointment, we make a point of taking those values into consideration during your following appointments.

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Changing lives one smile at a time

At the end of the day, Stanley Dentistry isn’t about fixing teeth. It’s about giving people back their self-confidence. It’s about taking the anxiety and pain out of going to the dentist. It’s about forming relationships with the people who care about your health.

If Stanley Dentistry feels like a good fit for you, set up an appointment today!