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added on: February 26, 2020
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In honor of our office turning 25, we’re raising money for Smile Train — an international children’s charity that helps correct cleft lips and palates in kids across the globe. A “cleft” is what happens when particular body parts don’t fuse together correctly in the womb. Clefts commonly appear on the lip and the palate of the mouth. Cleft lips and palates lead to problems with nursing, eating, and speaking. They also cause a general lack of self-confidence for developing kids. In the United States, corrective cleft surgeries are simple and done soon after birth but in certain areas of the world, hospitals lack the necessary training and resources needed to perform these procedures.

It takes around $250 to pay for one surgery and our goal is $500. Unlike a lot of other charities, Smile Train uses donations to train and supply local doctors to perform life-changing procedures instead of sending doctors overseas. By doing this, Smile Train ensures that kids who are born with cleft lips/and or palates years later will have access to trained medical professionals.

Anything you can give helps! Donate here:

Posted by Stanley Dentistry on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

At Stanley Dentistry, we believe everyone, especially children, deserves to have beautiful smiles. This is why we’ve set up our own fundraiser as a way to give back after 25 amazing years of business. Donate HERE or in our office during checkout. Thanks for helping the Smile Train cause!

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