Dr. Rob Attends Sedation Dentistry Committee Meeting

added on: December 9, 2014

On November 21, 2014 Dr. Robert Stanley attended a closed Sedation Committee Meeting in Greensboro NC. The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners called the meeting for the purpose of reviewing and improving the existing sedation requirements for North Carolina dentists and oral surgeons. In an effort to continue ensuring public safety and widespread availability for this valuable service, the committee debated current protocols and discussed possible improvements. The meeting included dental professors from North Carolina dental schools, dentists and oral surgeons from across the state.

Dr. Stanley is IV and Oral Sedation certified through the DOCS organization. He regularly performs complex, dental procedures including dental implants, full mouth reconstruction with dental implant supported dentures and oral surgery such as aesthetic crown lengthening and wisdom teeth extraction. His position as a currently practicing family dentist with experience in all the disciplines of dentistry uniquely qualified him to provide useful feedback.

Dr. Stanley said, “I am pleased to see such a dedicated and diverse group of professionals working together to improve the safety and availability of sedation dentistry in NC.” The committee will continue to review the proposed refinements and reconvene in the first quarter of 2015.

Stanley Dentistry is conveniently located in the heart of the Triangle area and offers several types of sedation, as well as, a complimentary sedation consultation with one of our Cary NC dentists. Sedation can vary in intensity. Whether you are a fearful patient or have a medical condition that makes sedation the best option for necessary dental work, Stanley Dentistry has a solution for you.  Based on your dental treatment needs, you and your doctor can decide if inhaled sedation, oral sedation or IV sedation might be most appropriate for you.

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