Dr. Stanley presents at International Association of Orthodontics Conference

added on: April 11, 2016

Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley attended the International Association of Orthodontics annual meeting in Tucson, Arizona on April 6–10, 2016.

Meeting objectives for attendees included:

  1. Gaining an understanding of advances in new orthodontic protocols and materials;
  2. Learning and understanding aspects of bone growth and facial development pertaining to orthodontics;
  3. Understanding and comprehending International Board of Orthodontics (IBO) case submission through software-driven impartial grading;
  4. Understanding the importance of airway development and maintenance in orthodontic and temporomandibular dysfunction;
  5. Learning and comprehending principles behind early orthodontics treatment;
  6. Learning and comprehending the use of correct diagnostic tools applied to a growing patient;
  7. Involving the entire dental team in orthodontic training to implement and support orthodontic treatment within the dental office.

Dr. Bobbi was honored to be invited as a guest speaker. She gave her presentation “Achieving Facial Harmony with Orthodontic Growth” on Saturday morning. This presentation explored the growth and development of the maxillary (upper) arch and how to make changes with orthodontic appliances. Dr. Bobbi has been using this technique to develop the faces of her patients at Stanley Dentistry for several years and is considered an expert in the area of facial growth.

Dr. Robert was in attendance and said, “This annual gathering is one of the largest international orthodontic meetings and I was very proud that my wife and colleague, Dr. Bobbi, was invited as a guest speaker. Her knowledge of growth and development of the face and orthodontics is cutting edge.”

Dr. Bobbi stated “Orthodontics is one of my passions. I enjoy being able to change lives by changing faces, straightening teeth and helping people smile.”

Dr. Bobbi Stanley was awarded the status of Certified Senior Instructor with the International Association of Orthodontic. She is a certified instructor with the Facial Beauty Institute and lectures nationally as well as with Stanley Institute in Cary, North Carolina.

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