Where to Get Dental Implants in Cary, North Carolina

added on: September 6, 2019
dental implants north carolina
Dental Implant system

Once you’ve decided that you want to get a dental implant, the next step is finding the right dental provider. In the Raleigh-Durham area, there are tons and tons of dentists and oral surgeons who post ads saying they’re the best of the best when it comes to dental implants…but are they really telling the truth? Dental implants aren’t like fillings, root canals, or crowns. They’re very complex and take a lot of planning, preparation, and skill to execute well. Any dentist can fill a cavity. Very few dentists can give you a dental implant that will last.

So, what makes Stanley Dentistry the best place in the Triangle to get your dental implant? It’s pretty simple: our amazing team. Dr. Robert Stanley (DDS, BS, MS, Ph.D.) and his dental assistants know dental implants better than anyone else in the area. Dr. Rob’s Ph.D. in Engineering allows him to approach dental implants from a more tactile and hands-on angle. He understands that, without 3D scans, a surgical guide, and a lot of planning, dental implants will fail. That’s why he takes the time to examine and prepare for each and every dental implant patient who comes through the door. His dedication means that almost every single patient has their implant(s) for life.

Cary’s Top Dental Implantologist

After years of trying innovative new dental implant methods, Dr. Rob found that the true key to successful implants was the surgical guide. During the procedure, a surgical guide rests in the patient’s mouth and helps show the doctor exactly where (and at what angle) to place the implant. Because mouths are fairly small and can only open so wide, a surgical guide for implant surgery is a must. If a doctor doesn’t use a surgical guide, they’re performing blind surgeries. This means they’re placing the implant where they think it should go.

fully guided dental implant virtual plan
Dental Implant 3D scan

Implants have to bond with the jawbone to become strong. If they don’t bond with the bone, they fail. When doctors don’t use a guide to place their implants, they can only hope that there’s enough bone in that area to support the implant. It’s a toss-up that frequently ends in failure. With surgical guides, Dr. Rob is always 100% that he’s placing the implant in the best possible spot.

Omega Teeth

Dr. Rob named his system of placing implants Omega Teeth because he uses top of the line materials, takes 3D scans, and makes surgical guides. Since Dr. Rob puts so much time into pre-planning, Omega Teeth surgeries are fast — on average, less than an hour. If patients read the Omega Teeth post-op instructions and follow them to a T, they’ll have their implant(s) for life!

If you’re interested in setting up a free Omega Teeth consultation, please call us at (919) 460-9665.