Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed

added on: August 28, 2020

Lauren always struggled with her wisdom teeth and was too afraid to remove them.  After visiting Stanley Dentistry, Lauren was able to finally live pain-free.

Can you talk about your wisdom teeth removal experience at Stanley Dentistry?

“I’ve had problems with my wisdom teeth since I was about nineteen years old. I was supposed to get them out [back then], but when I went in to get them out, I had chest congestion. The doctor couldn’t do it at that time. And after that, I’d always heard all kinds of horror stories, so I never rescheduled.

So, for the last umpteen years, I’ve been having problems with them and finally, it got to the point where I was having pain in the area. I [also] had a funny little lump on the roof of my mouth and [my hygienist] Jennifer looked at it and said, ‘uh-oh, I think you have an abscess.’ Sure enough, that’s what it turned out to be.

The bad thing was [my husband and I] were getting ready to leave the country like three weeks later. She said she had a lot of concerns about me flying in the pressurized cabin with an abscess. It could [also] really be a problem being overseas in Europe, so everybody worked amazingly to rush me to get this scheduled. I didn’t have enough time to think about it or to be worried about it. I’d been putting it off and putting it off but everybody could not have been more accommodating to get this scheduled so that it fit my schedule. And then it was done and over with before I had to leave [for my trip] so it was great.

How was the procedure?

I left the country days afterward and it was no problem. [For the procedure] we came into the office — and my husband brought me. They told him he could go home — and he had taken the day off of work — so he went back home, and he only got the dishwasher unloaded before they called him and said, ‘she’s done, come back and get her.’ I have no recollection of anything other than, ‘okay, we’re gonna put you to sleep now,’ and ‘wake up!’

It was so smooth and so fast and so painless. When I went home, I was a little bit groggy, and there was minor bleeding, but I never took one of the painkillers. I never had any problems. I followed the instructions religiously for what to eat and how to take care of them, but we literally left the country within days of me having it done and I had no problems. I never had one problem. It felt like something had happened in my mouth that day, but after that, nothing.

What was your experience like with the Stanley Dentistry team?

I’m pretty sure it was Dr. Rob who actually did the surgery because I don’t really remember that much of it. The nurse anesthetist was just amazing. I mean he helped me so much talking to me ahead of time, preparing me for what to expect. He was the person I interacted with when we got here. But really, just everybody could not have been kinder, more helpful and more pleasant to deal with! I felt like they called afterward too when I was at home and followed up to make sure everything was going great. It was terrific!

Would you recommend Stanley Dentistry to friends and family?

Absolutely, I would recommend this practice. I can’t imagine going any place else myself. As I said, we trusted our teenage daughter to come here as well after she finished with pediatric dentistry. Anyone who needs their wisdom teeth out, do it. I have had no problems since I had them out. It has made dental care so much easier. I wish I had done it many, many years before.”

Wisdom Teeth FAQ

Have some questions about the wisdom teeth removal procedure? We’ve got you covered! Click here to read our wisdom teeth FAQs.

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