How Do You Cure Black Gums?

added on: June 18, 2020
Stanley Dentistry
Typical gingival pigmentation

Dark or black spots on the gums are typically the byproduct of melanin buildup in the gums. It’s a completely natural, genetic condition that does not cause any adverse health effects. However, we’ve had quite a few patients ask about ways that they can remove those spots because they dislike how they make their smile appear asymmetrical. Unfortunately, there are no at-home remedies for removing dark blotches on the gums. Most professional methods also fail because they use things like knives or lasers which remove the pigmentation temporarily. Within a year, the spots come back.

My team and I noticed this gap in the cosmetic dentistry world and decided to try and close it. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you can change most anything: the size of your teeth, how “gummy” your smile is, and the shade of your smile. It just didn’t make sense to us that, with so much dental technology out there, patients who want dark gingival spots removed couldn’t find a real, long-lasting solution.

Discovering Britegums

It took a few years, but we finally found something that could change how dentists correct pigmented gingival spots: radio waves. Using an FDA approved electrosurgery device, we could emit radio waves near the surface of the gums, pulling the pigmentation out. The procedure proved to be inexpensive, easy on the patient, and most importantly, very successful. In the majority of cases, the radio waves take away gum pigmentation for good. We called the procedure Britegums and the rest is history!

How does Britegums cure black gums?

black gums

Curious about the Britegums process and how it works? Click here to go to the Britegums “How does it work” page. Have any additional questions about Britegums? Click here to go to our Britegums FAQs page.

What’s the first step to curing my dark gums?

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