What is the Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry?

added on: July 26, 2019

We hear this a lot: “What’s the point of cosmetic dentistry?” For some, it seems like an unnecessary luxury. Things like fillings and root canals fight infection but veneers are “just for looks.” With this sort of thinking, cosmetic dentistry becomes a waste of money. If it doesn’t treat something that’s wrong, what’s the point?

People who assume that cosmetic dentistry doesn’t treat anything aren’t taking into consideration every aspect of the term “health.” Root canals and fillings treat infection but health is not just the absence of infection. According to the World Health Organization, health is “complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” To put it in our context, cosmetic dentistry treats mental health.

Don’t discredit self-confidence

We’re not trying to say that cosmetic dentistry will cure someone’s depression or bipolar disorder. Mental health disorders are affected by a variety of factors, some of which only medicine can fix.

However, for people who have low self-confidence because of a gap in their teeth or because of their dark gums, cosmetic dentistry can help. Feeling good about yourself both inside and out is an important part of mental health. We all want to be confident with how we look but sometimes, we need an extra boost. For some, that means getting a new wardrobe or some hair dye. For others, that means going to a cosmetic dentist.

dentist helping patient with veneers

It’s not a matter of vanity — it’s about fixing something that you’ve disliked for years and years. Some of our patients have hidden their smiles for their whole lives because they’ve felt so embarrassed. If there’s a way to alleviate them of that feeling, is it wrong to want to take it?

Cosmetic dentistry is about making people feel better

Getting cosmetic dentistry isn’t about wanting to impress people or flaunting high status. When you really look into why people get cosmetic dentistry, it’s because they want to feel better about themselves. They want to stop worrying about that stain or crack on their front tooth. They’re tired of hiding their smile when they know they should be showing it off.

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No one should go through life struggling with their confidence because of their teeth. There are so many options in cosmetic dentistry that make getting treatment easy and affordable. Don’t let something like a crooked tooth or a gummy smile keep you from feeling and looking your best.