Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

added on: September 26, 2019

So many of our orthodontic patients come into the office already assuming they need braces. They know their teeth are misaligned and they know that, traditionally, braces were the only option. One quick orthodontic consultation later and they realize that they don’t necessarily need braces — they need Invisalign.

Invisalign uses slim, plastic trays to gently and slowly align teeth. The Invisalign system is perfect for people who have enough space in between their crooked teeth for easy alignment. We see the best results in patients who have one or two misaligned teeth. If a patient’s teeth are severely crowded, Dr. Bobbi Stanley will recommend braces instead, since Invisalign tends to have a harder time straightening out cramped smiles.

Before patients sign off on their Invisalign treatment plan, they frequently ask whether or not Invisalign is better, or as good as, braces. As with a lot of things in dentistry, what’s best for one patient won’t necessarily be what’s best for another patient. Everyone’s smile is unique which means everyone needs individualized care. For some people, Invisalign is the perfect choice. For others, braces will work better. It all just depends on what your teeth need.

Invisalign model

How are braces and Invisalign different?

From a doctor’s perspective, braces are “stronger” than Invisalign in that they can do more. Traditional ceramic braces can align almost any smile while Invisalign can only straighten certain smiles. However, if your doctor recommends that you get Invisalign, you should feel confident in their decision. Braces won’t do a “better” job straightening your teeth. If Invisalign wouldn’t work for you, your doctor won’t recommend it in the first place.

In most cases, braces are a little more expensive than Invisalign since they require more check-ups and maintenance. They’re faster than Invisalign, though, which is a reason that some people still opt for braces over Invisalign. If you want to find out which orthodontic option is right for you, schedule an appointment at Stanley Dentistry. Dr. Bobbi has twenty-five years of experience in orthodontics and will make sure you get the smile you’ve always wanted as fast as possible.

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