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added on: August 27, 2019

If you’ve been considering getting your teeth whitened, now is the time to do it. From now till the end of September, we’re giving 100% of the proceeds from KöR whitening treatments to a charity that’s been close to my heart for years: Smile Train

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Smile Train is an international non-profit organization that helps give local doctors in 85+ countries the tools, training, and funding they need to correct cleft lips and palates in children. These surgeries are simple, routine procedures but without the help from Smile Train, hundreds of thousands of kids with cleft lips and palates would never get the treatment they need. Kids living with cleft palates face social ostracization and nutritional deficiencies that can lead to growth-related problems. Some also have trouble breathing, hearing, and speaking.

Correcting a cleft palate costs as little as $250 which means just one KöR whitening treatment (a $1,069 value) could cover four surgeries. In just a few appointments, you could dramatically change four kids’ lives forever (and get a brighter smile!)

What are cleft lips and palates?

Around 1 in every 700 children are born with a cleft lip. In most Western countries, doctors quickly correct the palate shortly after birth. Unfortunately, in a lot of developing countries, doctors don’t have the training or materials to fix cleft palates. That’s where Smile Train comes in.

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A cleft occurs when certain body parts don’t fuse together properly during fetal development. The most common cleft is a lip or palate cleft because the roof of the mouth is made of both hard and soft palate. This makes it especially susceptible to growth deformities. 

What is KöR whitening?

Kor Whitening Results
Typical KöR results

KöR whitening is the top-of-the-line whitening treatment that I recommend to all of my patients who want brighter, whiter smiles. The treatment costs $1,069 and includes both take-home and in-office components. At the end of treatment, patients who use KöR whitening oftentimes see smiles that are up to sixteen shades whiter!

To learn more about KöR whitening, click here.

My campaign

Surgery to correct cleft lips and palates has been around for a century. With modern techniques and tools, correcting them has never been easier or simpler. I firmly believe no child should have to grow up and go through life suffering from a cleft lip and/or palate which is why I’ve set up my own Smile Train campaign to raise $5,000. With that amount, Smile Train can help change the lives of twenty kids!

To donate to the campaign, call 919-371-4454 and set up a KöR whitening appointment. When you pay for the treatment, you’ll put your credit card information directly into my Smile Train donation portal. This ensures that 100% of your payment goes directly to the campaign. It also allows you to use this donation as a tax write-off.

Schedule today, change a child’s life tomorrow

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