Life-Changing Orthodontics

added on: May 11, 2020

What has your experience at Stanley Dentistry been like?

“Very professional, very caring, very warm. In tune with all of your questions and needs. You don’t feel like, when you ask a question, that they’re tired of you asking questions. They’re willing to address any concerns you have. They’re very thorough and their attention to detail is amazing — which includes your personal feelings and comfort while you’re here.

When you come in, and you’re greeted by the staff until you make it back and upon your exit. It’s a very warm feeling, I feel like everyone knows me. There’s a connection, if you will, in the way that they’re treated. Very professional. Very high-quality. You feel very relaxed at this place. You know, the dentist hasn’t always been my favorite place to go — nothing about the person themself, just the culture of a dentist’s office. But here, you feel very relaxed and at ease. I would totally recommend this office and I have recommended this office.” 

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