New Dental Technology: Tekscan

added on: April 16, 2020
t scan

The technology our patients deserve

At Stanley Dentistry, we’re always updating our equipment to stay abreast of new technology. Although such transitions can be pricey, new technology is synonymous with a better and easier experience for the patient so it’s always worth it.

This past week, we invested in a new way to help diagnose occlusion (how your top and bottom teeth come together) related problems that can sometimes appear in services such as TMJ/TMD therapy and longterm cosmetics. With the Tekscan device, we can digitally check your bite, see if there are any occlusal imbalances (maybe your teeth aren’t connecting in one area but are connecting too harshly in another), and quickly get you set up with the correct treatment plan all in one appointment. The device easily and comfortably fits in the mouth. All the patient has to do is bite down. Within seconds, I have a scan of the mouth on my computer that shows me exactly where the patient’s bite needs some adjustment.

For TMJ treatment, this technology means a faster diagnosis. A faster diagnosis means, potentially, a faster route to pain-free living. For cosmetics (particularly veneers), Tekscan allows me to see problem areas before they become a problem. I can make adjustments to the veneers before you go home with them. This drastically reduces the likelihood of a veneer breaking and falling off a week or two after your appointment.

Once our office opens back up for elective procedures, our team will be experts on the Tekscan technology. We’ll keep you updated on openings/closures on our social channels so make sure to give us a follow (Facebook and Instagram)! We’ll see you soon!