Omega Teeth Testimonial: I Can Smile Again

added on: June 4, 2020

What brought you to Stanley Dentistry?

“My name is Beth Griffin and I’m from Lumberton, North Carolina. In my younger years, I didn’t really have a smile. We grew up on a farm and mom didn’t really introduce a toothbrush or toothpaste — none of that stuff. I guess, eating different foods caused cavities and I’d lose a bunch [of teeth]. I probably didn’t have but six or seven [teeth] even in my early twenties. It was painful. I mean, just seeing other people smile and I couldn’t. It hurt. I just kept the pain deep inside — but I looked happy. But I wasn’t. 

I got on Google and came across the caption Stanley Dentistry. It said “Find my Smile” and it drew me to Cary Parkway where I had my first visit. I went in and Dr. Rob and Dr. Bobbi introduced themselves. I sat in the chair and I told them, you know, about my smile. And they set me down and they told me ways they could improve it. They looked [my case] over through the weekend and I came back in the following week. They gave me an outline of what procedures they would do from the first visit all the way to the end. 

How was your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

The first step, when I came in, I felt at ease. They had the best, gentle care. I didn’t feel any pain. Each procedure, they told me what was going to happen and what to expect. I was pretty calm.

What was your reaction to your new smile?

It was amazing. I think I shed a little tear because going all those years without a smile and then getting to see this, what I had now. It was overwhelming. It really was. I felt blown away. I was like, that’s really me? My family was like, ‘Really? What did you have done?’ And you know, I told them all along, I’m getting some implants. And my friends, they were like ‘Where’s this at? I’m going up there for sure!’ 

I mean, this has been over 5 [years ago] and I still get compliments today. The biggest change I’ve seen — I’m able to eat food now that I couldn’t eat before. Apples, for sure! Candies, steak. I can tell a big difference in the chew. 

How was your experience with the Stanley Dentistry team?

I think Drs. Stanley and the whole team were awesome, very knowledgeable, kind, gentle. They stick to their word. The work is beautiful. They’re really awesome. 

My name is Beth Griffin. I’m from Lumberton, North Carolina and I found my smile at Stanley Dentistry.”

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