Omega Teeth Transformation

added on: August 28, 2020

Getting the smile I always wanted

Peggy came to our office in need of a complete smile transformation. She was self-conscious and concerned about her ability to eat. Now that her treatment process has been completed, this is the first time she has seen her forever smile.

“I put [fixing my teeth] off and put it off for so many years. It was not only that — it was my health. I couldn’t eat properly so I was having digestive problems. I was blessed I didn’t have a really bad toothache during this time. I kept pushing it. My sister [would say] ‘Have you called the dentist yet? Have you gone to the dentist yet?’ And then my doctor — my medical doctor — [was also encouraging me to get it done].

How was the Omega Teeth procedure?

It went very well. When I woke up, I had no trouble at all. My whole head would hurt sometimes from my teeth. I had a lot of phantom pain. Trying to eat was getting more and more ridiculous. I knew I had to have [some teeth pulled]. I was very blessed that I had some money my mother and father left me that I was able to do this process. I still would have had to go somewhere to have surgery for my mouth because my mouth was bad. It was very bad.

Did you experience any pain?

I never really had any pain — even right after the surgery. [The prosthesis was uncomfortable] but not pain[ful]. Of course, when I got to eat for the first time after two months of liquids and mashed potatoes…I remember the first time I got to bite into a pear. I took a bite out of it and I was like “I can eat!” It had probably been ten years [since I bit into a pear] because my teeth were so bad so I’d always have to cut stuff up. To just take a whole pear and bite it — to be able to chew meat and stuff like that. I was really having a hard time eating because my teeth were so bad.

Were you self-conscious of your smile before?

One of the bank tellers at the Credit Union I always go to said ‘You know, you’re smiling now! You never used to smile.’ I said no, because I was really ashamed of my mouth. I remember I had a picture I sent to a friend of mine and I haven’t seen her in a few years and she said “Peggy, why don’t you get that tooth fixed?” And I said, ‘Nedra, you just hit on my biggest worry. And it’s not just one tooth — it’s the whole mouth.’ I would have to keep my mouth closed but now I can take pictures smiling.

What did you enjoy about your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

Everything here. You have to trust somebody to do something like this. Knowing that you all had an anesthesiologist who was here. That made it easier because that’s who’s got your life for those few hours that you’re having the surgery.

Would you recommend the Omega Teeth procedure?

I would say come in and look at the options. Really look at your health. Sure, it’s expensive when you first hear it but when you think about all that you’re getting. Just having [Dr. Rob] pull the teeth and get all the roots out…if you went to a regular oral surgeon, that would’ve cost three hundred or two hundred. So that alone, just getting all of that out, [was worth it]. If you’re suffering, don’t let it go on. Get something done about it and this is a great place to go.”

How can I get Omega Teeth?

Living life in constant pain from dental decay and periodontal disease is hardly living. Don’t put your health and self-confidence in jeopardy by pushing off dental surgery. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll walk you through what the Omega Teeth process entails, how much it costs, and whether or not it’s right for you. This is your opportunity to finally get the pain-free long-lasting smile you’ve always wanted! Call (919) 460-9665 or set up an appointment here. We’ll see you soon!