Saved, Healthy Mouth for a Lifetime

added on: August 28, 2020

Norma has been to dentist after dentist, looking for the right team of people to help heal her smile. After finding Stanley, she now commutes over 4 hours to come visit her family here at Stanley.

What brought you to Stanley Dentistry?

“I’m Norma Aguilar. I’m from Lenoir, North Carolina and I’m about 45 minutes from Boone, North Carolina. I’m on the west side. It takes me about 4 hours to drive here, and you’re the only place from now on that I’m coming. [I drive over] four hours, because my other dentist has not given me the information or done what you guys have done for me. Since I first came, you made me feel like I was your sister or brother.

What’s been your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

I’ve gotten more understanding about my mouth than when I had cellulitis of the bloodstream because of a dental problem. You know when you feel comfortable, and you feel safe, and you feel like the truth is being given to you. Other dentists I’ve been to…I’ve not been that fortunate. I’ve had a lot of problems medically with my mouth that have put me in the hospital or in the ICU. I haven’t had [any of those problems] here. You’re very cautious and you’re very protective. That confidence makes you feel like you’re really appreciated and that you really want to do the right thing for me. And you handle it personally. I’m not just another person coming in the door and saying, ‘Oh we’re gonna get this done, and we can do this and this and make this money…’ You’re not about that. That’s the difference.

I’ve been here since [I moved from] Florida. Over the years, I’ve been to about 5 different dentists. I haven’t had [this level of] information, even [after] asking, they didn’t tell me [everything about my treatment.] Here, they tell me what’s the problem and what the cost is, and the prevention as well. So, this is my home. If I have to drive for hours to come every six months, I’m [still] coming. I’m not going to another dentist.

Would you recommend Stanley Dentistry to friends and family?

It would be [the] number [dentist] on my list. and I would tell them it would be worth the money to travel if they had to travel. They’d be foolish not to because you take care of the people like they are your mother or brother or sister, your cousin, your uncle. You don’t take care of them like they are another patient coming in that you can make money [off of]. That’s not the question here. The question here is ‘how can we help you? What would make you happy? How do your teeth feel? What can we do to make you improve as a person?’ There’s a difference when you walk in and a dentist says, ‘You got this, this, and this,’ but someone comes in and says, ‘How can we help you with your mouth? We know that money’s an issue but the real issue is what can we do for your health?’ Now that was the first question I had never heard in my life, said to me here by Dr. Bobbi. So I know that this is the place.”

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