Treat Your Dark Gums with Britegums

added on: June 12, 2019

In the past, people with dark or blotchy gums (sometimes called “black gums“) didn’t have many cosmetic treatment options. Some dentists were willing to cut out the dark spots but that rarely led to permanent results (not to mention it was incredibly painful). The vast majority of dentists would tell their patients that there wasn’t anything to be done about their gums. Fortunately, those times are over. In 2019, we have Britegums.

Britegums is a process that uses FDA approved technology to gently remove excess pigment from the gums. This elective cosmetic treatment is fast, virtually painless, and frequently yields permanent results. Nowadays, a brighter, pinker smile is only one appointment away.

black gums

From Fiction to Fact

I discovered the process when trying to find a solution for a patient who disliked the appearance of her dark (but natural) gums. Although they weren’t posing a threat to her health, the patient found herself constantly keeping her mouth closed. Her gums embarrassed her and that was reason enough for me to look for an answer.

I found that, by using FDA approved radio wave technology, I could remove unwanted pigment. The radio waves are gentle and only eliminate melatonin cells, leaving behind perfectly pink gums. The first Britegums patient left the Stanley Dentistry office with a beautiful smile she felt confident in showing off.

The Science Behind Britegums

Surprisingly, the science behind the Britegums process isn’t particularly complex. It doesn’t involve a long, drawn-out procedure or an extended healing period. Britegums uses radio waves and patented brushes to “brush” away to loosen and remove the top layer of gum tissue. Typically, melanocytes, the types of cells that produce melanin in the body, don’t return after radio waves remove them.

This means the Britegums procedure is long-lasting and quick since the radio waves only remove what has to be removed. The pink gums that live underneath the dark pigmentation are left untouched and healthy.

black gums

What’s a Britegums Appointment Like?

I understand that no one likes going to the dentist so we try to make each and every visit to Stanley Dentistry as easy and comfortable as possible. With Britegums, I wanted to mimic that motto which is why the treatment only uses a local anesthetic. For the procedure, patients are awake and seated in a normal dentist chair. At the end of the appointment (which takes less than an hour), patients can walk out the door and, in many cases, return to do their daily routines. Typically, patients use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to manage the minor pain but some patients report not even needing that.

Patients can see results in as little as a week but it usually takes a few more weeks to see full results.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Compared to most other cosmetic dentistry services, Britegums is extremely affordable. Because it doesn’t require a gel (like whitening) or a ceramic material (like veneers), I can administer the treatment at a fairly low cost. Financing options are also available upon request.

black gums

Why Get Britegums?

If you have crooked teeth, you get braces. If you have stained teeth, you get whitening. If you have dark or blotchy gums, you get Britegums. So much of what patients want in the dental world revolves around getting the best smile possible. People naturally want to look their best and an uneven, stained, or dark smile can affect that.

The best part about Britegums isn’t that it’s fast or painless or affordable. It’s that it can give back confidence to people who’ve been hiding their smile for too long. A lot of people are quick to write off cosmetic dentistry but what they don’t always take into account is how things like Britegums can change people’s lives for the better.  

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