Use It Or Lose It: Three Months Left

added on: September 22, 2020

Now’s the time

There are only a few months left in 2020 which means there’s a limited amount of time to use up all of your dental insurance benefits. The money you pay into your dental insurance plan does not roll over to the next year so if you neglect to use your benefits before January, you’re essentially throwing away your money. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what your dental insurance company wants you to do. If you don’t take advantage of your semi-annual cleanings, they get to pocket the money they would have given us to cover the cleaning. That’s money you already paid, lining the pockets of an insurance company instead of going towards keeping your teeth healthy.

How can I spend my insurance money?

Most dental insurance plans give you two cleanings a year (though a few only include one). The best way to get the “most bang for your buck” is to schedule and come in for both of those cleanings if you have them available. They’re quick, easy appointments and they’re the best way to keep your mouth healthy and prevent future dental problems.

Depending on your plan, you may have some other benefits available as well. There are plans that cover a certain number of cavities, root canals, and, in certain cases, even dental implants. Give us a call if you’re confused about your dental insurance coverage. We’ll give you a free assessment to see what sort of benefits you have left this year. Once you know, you’ll be able to get started on the treatment you need (before 2021!)

Schedule your cleaning online

We’ve made scheduling your six-month hygiene visits easier than ever. You can now choose the date and time of your cleaning without having to pick up the phone. Just click this link to head over to our secure scheduling portal.

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