What Can Cause Dark Spots to Form on Your Gums?

added on: September 9, 2019
treatment for black gums
Dark spots on gums fixed by Britegums

You’ve just finished brushing your teeth and you notice some dark, blotchy spots on your gums. Have they always been there, or did they just show up recently? Are they dangerous? Chances are, those harmless spots have always been there; dark gums are typically genetic. The majority of people with dark gums have a higher concentration of melanin in their skin. That melanin can appear in the gums as blotchy spots.

In rare cases, smoking can also cause “black gums” as some people call them. The nicotine in tobacco can encourage melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) to produce a higher amount of melanin. Most of the time, patients who quit smoking see a gradual decrease in discoloration. However, in some cases, this discoloration can last for years after a patient has stopped smoking.

How can I fix my black gums?

britegums before and after
Britegums before and after

Gum “bleaching” methods do exist for people with dark gums but they aren’t exceptionally effective (or comfortable). Results from gum bleaching procedures just don’t last. Most patients who have their gums bleached see a return in dark spots within a year or two. For a procedure that’s expensive and painful, that’s just not worth it.

That’s why Dr. Rob invented Britegums — a revolutionary way to “pinken” gums with less pain and less downtime. Britegums uses radio waves to gently but permanently remove both melanins and melanocytes from the gums, revealing pink tissue underneath. The procedure is fast and relatively pain-free. Just a few weeks post-op, patients have perfect pink gums!

Interested in giving Britegums a try? Visit to learn more or set up a free consultation with Dr. Rob at our office in Cary, NC. If you live out of town, don’t worry! Britegums also offers complimentary virtual consultations so you can see if the procedure is right for you before you travel.