What Causes Black Gums?

added on: July 2, 2019

Let’s face it: gums are strange. The pink, soft connector between our teeth and our jaw bones is important, of course, but a lot of our patients here at Stanley Dentistry don’t understand it too well. We all know that taking care of our gums is important for overall dental health, but why are some gums lighter than others? And why do some people have so-called “black gums”? We’re here to debunk the myths surrounding gingival pigmentation and hopefully cast some light on this unexplored topic.

treatment for black gums

Why do I have black gums?

If you have black gums or dark spots on your gums, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people have black gums and very few of them have anything but genetics to blame for them. An excess of melanin (the stuff that makes your skin darker) in the body is typically what causes black gums. People with darker skin are much more likely to have black gums because they naturally have more melanin in their bodies. Not everyone who has dark skin has black gums — that depends more on genetics and pure chance.

Rarely, black gums can be the product of certain medications or smoking. Ask your doctor to take a look at your medical history to determine a more definitive answer.

Black gums

Can I get rid of my black gums?

For a long time, there wasn’t a perfect method for getting rid of black gums. Some dentists would use lasers or knives to burn and cut away the pigmentation but these procedures were painful and gave only temporary results. People with black gums who wanted a way to pinken them weren’t left with many options.

That recently changed with the invention of Britegums. Our very own Dr. Robert Stanley found that many of his patients were asking for a way to erase dark pigmentation in the gums. Understanding that there wasn’t any real treatment on the market, he set out to find something that could help. He discovered that radio waves (when used in conjunction with specially-engineered brushes) were the key. Using both the radio waves and the brushes, he could effectively “brush away” the pigment on black gums, revealing pink gums underneath.

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It may be time for you to get Britegums

Radio waves are much gentler on gums than lasers or knives, leading to a shorter recovery period and little to no pain for the patient. Because radio waves eradicate melanocytes (the cells that create melanin), the results are frequently permanent.

If you have black gums and find yourself hiding your smile because of them, it might be time to get Britegums. The fast and easy procedure is safe and affordable. You can have the pink gums of your dreams in just one short appointment.

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