What’s Bruxism?

added on: May 26, 2020

What is bruxism?

“Hi — Dr. Bobbi Stanley of Stanley Dentistry. Have you heard of bruxism? Many people call it teeth grinding or clenching. There are various reasons why you may be grinding your teeth at night. We would love for you to come by Stanley Dentistry so we can talk about those reasons.

What causes bruxism?

Often times, bruxism can be caused by an air-way issue where you’re simply not breathing appropriately. You’re moving your jaw forward to try and open that airway at night. This is especially true in children who grind their teeth. It is not normal for children to grind their teeth so please, if your child is grinding their teeth, please bring them into Stanley Dentistry and let’s talk about options. 

If you, as an adult, are grinding your teeth, we also need to talk about options because you also may have an airway issue or sleep apnea issue. 

Bruxism includes clenching the teeth — which can often be due to just stress. This could be a noise that’s around you that’s a little bit stressful or it could literally be a tough work or home situation. Regardless of the situation, if you’re clenching or grinding your teeth, you need to come in so we can figure out the cause. We need to protect your teeth. So please, come see us at Stanley Dentistry and let us help you with bruxism.”

How does Stanley Dentistry treat bruxism?

In both children and adults, we offer appliances that fit over the teeth. These appliances either help open the airway, treating the cause of the bruxism. They can also help protect the teeth at night from the wear and tear that bruxism causes. The appliances are easy to wear, custom-made, and very affordable. If you’re suffering from bruxism, don’t wait. Ignoring teeth grinding can lead to detrimental dental problems later. Come in for a free consultation and ask about our bruxism appliances. In a few weeks, your teeth grinding will be a thing of the past.

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