When Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

added on: July 3, 2019

For many teens nowadays, getting their wisdom teeth removed is as much of a given as having to get braces. Compared to fifty years ago, the popularity of wisdom teeth removal has skyrocketed. Even in the last decade, more and more dentists are recommending that teens and young adults get their wisdom teeth removed. Doing this ensures that later complications don’t happen. So, when should you start thinking about getting those pesky back molars removed?

When do you remove wisdom teeth?

At Stanley Dentistry, we begin the wisdom teeth conversation when a patient is around sixteen. Though, as with many things in dentistry, that age differs from patient to patient. Since each person’s mouth is different, there isn’t a definitive year when wisdom teeth begin to surface. Typically, the best time to remove wisdom teeth is when a patient is between seventeen and twenty years old. As you get older, your bone hardens and your wisdom teeth grow longer and stronger roots. If we can remove the wisdom teeth before that happens, the recovery time is much shorter.

wisdom teeth x-ray

Using x-rays, we can track the development of the wisdom teeth closely. During each six-month wellness visit, we will update you on the status of your wisdom teeth. Since we offer comprehensive dental care at Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC, we can safely and easily remove wisdom teeth in our office.

Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

We know that undergoing wisdom teeth surgery isn’t exactly what most teens want to do but it’s often times very important. A lot of people don’t have room in their mouths for more teeth behind their molars. Because of this, when wisdom teeth begin to come in, their mouth becomes crowded. Crowding then leads to crooked and misaligned teeth.

If the jaw is too small for the wisdom teeth to erupt (as is often the case) the teeth will become impacted. This means they are unable to break through the gums. Impacted teeth are particularly dangerous because they can become infected, leading to swollen, painful gums. In particularly bad cases, a cyst may form around the impacted tooth, causing even more pain for the patient.

Wisdom teeth removal

If you are over thirty and your wisdom teeth have never caused you any problems, you do not need to have them extracted. Some people have enough room in their mouths for the teeth to come in normally. They can be difficult to brush, however, so we advise patients who still have their wisdom teeth to be diligent brushers.

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