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The Better Way To Do Dental Implants

All-on-4, TeethXpress, and Teeth-in-a-Day all advertise themselves as the fastest implant services on the market. Patients can go into a dental office and after only one lengthy procedure, they can have a mouth full of new teeth. For most people, that probably seems like a great deal and, to a point, it is. We live in a busy world. People want speed. However, what these companies sometimes don’t quite understand is that people also want other factors when getting implants. They want speed but they also want safety and the longest-lasting implants available. They want a flat price and no hidden fees. They want an anxiety-free experience that will dramatically improve their smile for the rest of their lives. Speed is important but, as all doctors know, it isn’t the only thing that’s important.

That’s why Dr. Robert Stanley invented the Omega Teeth® dental implant system. He noticed that some of the other dental implant systems available excelled at certain aspects of dental implant surgery but struggled in others. Wanting to give his patients the best dental implant experience possible, he spent years perfecting the Omega Teeth® process. From pre-surgery planning and post-surgery maintenance to sedation and finances, Dr. Stanley took into account everything that he and his patients found important. The result was a dental implant process that yielded unparalleled results for both doctor and patient.

What makes Omega Teeth® different?

There isn’t one thing that makes Omega Teeth® so different from the competition — there are six. The reason Omega Teeth® is so outstanding is because of its ability to factor in so many specific aspects of the dental implant process. These aspects include sedation, finances, speed, materials, planning, and immediate results.


Dental implant surgery is not as invasive as it used to be thanks to advances in dental medicine but it still isn’t something you want to be awake during. IV sedation is included in the Omega Teeth® flat fee so no patient has to worry about pain or dental-related anxiety.

Using IV sedation for dental implant surgery may sound like a no-brainer but there are actually quite a few offices that use only a local anesthetic. This severely complicates the surgery as local anesthetic wears off quickly. When doctors use a local anesthetic for implant surgery, they typically have to re-administer it numerous times. For the patient, this can mean unnecessary pain and the lingering memory of a scary surgery. With Omega Teeth®, patients can rest easy knowing they’ll wake up from the surgery with new teeth and little pain.

No hidden fees

No patient likes seeing a surprise charge on their final bill which is why Dr. Stanley created the unique Omega Teeth® financing system. Most dental implant systems give patients “à la carte” financing. This means the patient opts to pay or not pay for individualized pieces of the procedure, from sedation to the actual pieces of the implant. To cut costs, patients will opt-out of paying for essential pieces like abutments. This can lead to serious problems down the road.

This style of financing also makes hidden fees all the more prevalent. If something comes up in the middle of the surgery and the doctor uses one extra tool or an extra hour of sedation, the patient will see an additional cost on the final bill. With Omega Teeth®, there is no à la carte costs and no hidden fees. There is a flat cost per implant that doesn’t change, no matter what. If a patient needs something extra during the surgery, the price the patient pays does not go up. On the same note, patients cannot opt-out of paying for essential pieces and parts. Omega Teeth® is simple for the patient because it’s presented to them as a package deal. They don’t have to worry about every little thing that goes into getting their new teeth — that’s the doctor’s job.


Teeth-Xpress, ClearChoice, All-on-Four, and Teeth-in-a-Day all have one thing in common: they’re fast. With modern dental advances, getting a full set of new dental implants doesn’t have to take twenty appointments and numerous long, drawn-out surgeries. With the listed dental implant brands, patients can have new teeth in as little as one full business day. To anyone who’s been looking for full-arch dental implants, that sounds impressive and, to an extent, it is. The dental implant industry has come a long way but it still has a long way to go. Patients deserve to get their dental implants done as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. A whole day is just too long for patients with busy lives.

With the Omega Teeth®, full-arch surgeries can take as little as two to three hours. Because the process involves intensive pre-procedure planning, all the “hard work” is done before the patient ever sits down in the operating room. At the end of the speedy surgery, the patient wakes up with brand new teeth and no memory of the procedure.

Top-Notch Materials

All doctors and patients know this — it doesn’t matter how good the doctor is if the materials s/he is using aren’t the best the market can offer. With dental implants, this is especially true. People put their teeth through a lot every day. Sub-par materials will not hold up in the long run. This is why a lot of patients see their implants failing after years of use. It isn’t their fault or their doctor’s fault — it the physical implant’s fault.

Dr. Stanley chose to use long-lasting zirconian implants because they are the strongest and most durable implants available. Many other dental implant systems use plexiglass implants (essentially plastic implants) which can break or crack over time. With zirconian implants, both patient and doctor can be confident in the longevity of the materials.

There is no one isolated method to make successful dental implants. If there was, every doctor would be doing it and we wouldn’t have any more unsuccessful implants. The only way patients can have new, long-lasting teeth without complications is if everything, from the doctor’s planning to the implant itself, is perfect. With Omega Teeth®, it is.


One of the most important things that separate Omega Teeth® from other implant procedures is the surgical guide system. After studying how other doctors placed dental implants, Dr. Stanley realized that a stronger emphasis on planning could yield better results. Instead of deciding where and how to place the implant while the patient’s lying in the operating room, Omega Teeth® encourages pre-planning and implant guides. Dr. Stanley takes a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth, maps out the most optimal placements for the implants and sends the information off to a lab. There, they use the scan to create a custom-made surgical guide that tells Dr. Stanley exactly where to place the implant (and at what angle) during the surgery.

With some other dental implant systems, doctors must essentially place the implants blindly. They may have a general idea of where the implant needs to go but there is a definitive lack of the precision that’s needed to place a successful implant. Omega Teeth® takes out all guesswork and/or human error. There is no “if” the implant will be placed correctly — if it’s Omega Teeth®, the implant is in the right spot.

Never without a smile

Getting dental implants (especially if you get a lot of them) can seem a little scary. Lots of patients assume that, when they wake up from surgery, they’ll have implants but they won’t have the corresponding teeth (the restorative part). Unfortunately, there are dental implant systems that promise “teeth in a day” but what they really mean is implants in a day. Patients do wake up from surgery with a mouth full of implants and no teeth. They look in the mirror and feel like they’ve made the biggest mistake of their life. The doctor can tell them over and over again that in six months or so they’ll get their new teeth, but the reassurance doesn’t mean much when you’re looking at your newly toothless mouth.

Dr. Stanley’s patients all told him the same thing: they wanted to wake up with new teeth. They didn’t want to be told that they would have to live without teeth for weeks or months. They wanted what all those systems promised — they wanted teeth in a day.

Omega Teeth® gives patients teeth in a few hours. When the patient wakes up from sedation, they don’t see a ton of blood and angry, swollen gums. They see white, straight teeth.

How fast is Omega Teeth®?

Because the Omega Teeth® procedure uses a surgical guide, it’s actually faster than other implant procedures. Dr. Stanley does the hard work of planning where to put the implant before the surgery, saving him time during the actual procedure.

For a full upper arch of implants, Dr. Rob typically finishes the procedure in an hour and a half. For full mouth implants, it’s usually three hours. In comparison, other procedures can take over six hours to complete because the doctor has to struggle to find where to place the implant.

Learn how to perform Omega Teeth®

Omega Teeth® creator Dr. Robert Stanley teaches courses through Stanley Institute on how to perform the procedure for doctors who want to improve their practice.