How to Cosmetically Fix “Peeling” Gums

added on: June 11, 2020
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Post-quarantine, we’ve had a lot of patients call and ask us about cosmetic dentistry options. They want to know more about the cosmetic procedures we do, like gum contouring, bonding, and Britegums. At first, we were just thrilled to have more patients coming in. This has been a hard time for small businesses and every foot through the door is a big help in our slow-but-steady comeback.

But, eventually, as we examined the numbers and talked to some other offices, we began to realize something. During quarantine, people spent a lot of time on Zoom calls or Facetime chats. Those kinds of software act as a mirror, showing both the viewer and the caller on the screen. In short, it gives people time to look at themselves. For the first time in years, or for the first time ever, people are noticing small, cosmetic blemishes. They’re noticing things like dental staining, minor misalignment, or blotchy, “peeling” gums.

What are “peeling” gums?

That last one is the one that really surprised us. We’d never heard the term “peeling” when it comes to gums before. But, over the past few weeks, we’ve had many people calling and asking about their peeling gums and how we can treat them. Fortunately for these people, their gums aren’t really “peeling.” They’re actually just a little blotchy and slightly discolored. Melanin can appear in the gums, causing spots of color. These spots are completely cosmetic. They have more to do with genetics than your health.

Still, a lot of people dislike the way they look. This is particularly true for people who have “gummy” smiles, meaning their gums are distinctly visible when smiling. The uneven spots and blotches on the gums can throw off the symmetry of a smile and symmetry is what creates a really beautiful smile. Luckily, we have a pretty easy solution for removing that excess pigment in order to create a more uniform smile.

How do you fix blotchy gums?

For a long time, there wasn’t much that could be done to correct dark spots on the gums. There were some laster treatments but most of them were expensive, painful, and could not provide long lasting results. And then, a few years ago, our team discovered a new way to safely remove pigmentation from the gums without using lasers, knives, or any other painful tools. The answer was radio waves. Radio waves are able to gently remove the pigmentation without injuring the delicate gum tissue. We saw great results and decided to call the procedure Britegums, since it “brightens” dark spots on the gums. You can learn more about Britegums here.

Does Britegums hurt?

Britegums is a cosmetic dental procedure that does require some form of sedation. Without sedation, the procedure would be somewhat painful. Most people prefer to use a local anesthetic to numb the area. With the anesthetic, there is zero pain during the procedure. Afterward, some patients report mild discomfort as the gums heal. Patients can easily manage the pain with Advil or Tylenol.

How long is the healing period?

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Britegums patients typically see a very short healing period. You can get back to your normal routine within a day. Although it’s a tender area of the body, the mouth heals fast. We have patients come in every week or every other week for a little while to check on how the gums are healing. Within a month or two, their smile is completely healed.

Is Britegums expensive?

We offer numerous financing options for Britegums, though most patients don’t even need to look at them since the procedure is very affordable. Set up a virtual consultation by calling (866) 274-8348 and we’ll set out a treatment plan for you.

Are the results long lasting?

This is always the most important question that patients ask us. Patients with peeling, blotchy, or “purple” (as some people call them) gums want a permanent way to remove that pigmentation. Lasers and knives only offer a few years without dark spots. Britegums, on the other hand, offers long-lasting results. In 99% of cases, once the pigmentation is gone, it’s gone. You won’t have to worry about a aymmetrical, blotchy smile ever again.

Where do I sign up?

Many of our Britegums patients come from outside the Cary-Raleigh area. We offer a very specialized, unique treatment that is impossible to find anywhere else. Because of this, we offer complimentary virtual consultations so you can talk with our team before booking a flight to North Carolina. You can request a virtual consultation here. We’ll see you soon!