Implant-Supported Dentures

added on: May 26, 2020

What did you get done at Stanley Dentistry?

“I had implants put in the front and a plate fixed for my lower dentures — and they feel great. They’re just so natural. I can wear them all day. I do take them out and clean them during the day when I need to.

How was your experience?

It’s just been great. It’s really been great. I can eat now! I eat things now that I haven’t eaten in several years — probably ten years. Everything feels really natural. I couldn’t eat before. When I would start eating, my dentures would come out. Because I don’t have enough gum to hold them in so they would come out. I had to eat on my gums. I couldn’t eat things like nuts, salads — I couldn’t eat salads and I love salads. 

How was your experience with the Stanley Dentistry team?

They’ve been great to deal with. Everybody here has. It’s a friendly atmosphere. Everybody seems to work together real well. 

All my work will be done here from now on.” 

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